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Definition: Particle board, oriented strandboard (OSB) and similar board


A panel manufactured from small pieces of wood or other ligno-cellulosic materials (for example, chips, flakes, splinters, strands, shreds, shives, etc.) bonded together by the use of an organic binder together with one or more of the following agents: heat, pressure, humidity, a catalyst, etc. The particle board category is an aggregate category.  It includes oriented strandboard (OSB), waferboard and flaxboard. It excludes wood wool and other particle boards bonded together with inorganic binders UNECE/FAO/Eurostat/ITTO, Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire (2010), Definitions
European Commission (Eurostat), "Forestry in the EU and the world - A statistical portrait", Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg , 2011