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Definition: Place of work


Place of work is the location in which a "currently employed" person performs his or her job, and where a "usually employed" person currently performs or last performed the job.  While the information on place of work can be used to develop area profiles in terms of the employed labour force (as opposed to demographic profiles by place of residence), the primary objective is to link the place of work information to the place of residence.  Therefore, the place of work should relate to the smallest civil division in which the economic activity is performed in order to establish commuter flows from the place of usual residence to the place of work.

At the highest level, the employed population is broken down into groups of those:
 a) who work in the parent country
 b) who work outside the parent country
 c) who have no fixed place of work
 d) whose place of work is unknown

Categories a) and b) are then broken down further by geography.
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