Definition: Scientific congress: forum, colloquium, seminar, symposium



Forums, colloquia, seminars, symposia and conferences (private) are specialised meetings of a technical and academic nature whose objective is to make a profound study of several matters which may be predetermined or not, and whose treatment requires interactive dialogue between specialists. 


· Participants may belong to the same or different associations; in any case, the multiplicity of representatives generates a prevailing atmosphere of both collaboration and competition. 

· The number is normally limited by specialisation, often requiring the payment of a subscription fee. 

· Specialisation creates several levels within the congress, with masters and pupils working at different levels of knowledge. 

· Agreements are not signed, not even scientific ones. This type of meeting is normally associated with the term "congress".

·Differences between forums, colloquia, seminars and symposia are explained in Table 7.
Eurostat, "Methodological manual for statistics on congresses and conferences", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 2000, p.44

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