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Social transfers
 - Old-age and survivors' pensions 
      ... cover pensions or benefits relating to old-age or retirement from the following schemes: basic (first pillar), supplementary (second pillar), personal (third pillar), means tested welfare, early retirement and other old-age related schemes. It also includes widow's pension from the three pillars and from the means tested welfare scheme, and other widow's benefits, and orphan's pensions or allowances. 
 - Other social transfers 
      Unemployment benefits 
         ... cover any benefit related to unemployment, job creation or training. These include: unemployment insurance benefits, unemployment assistance, training/retraining allowance, and placement, resettlement and rehabilitation benefits or other. 
      Family related benefits 
         ... include child allowance, allowance for care of invalid dependants, maternity allowance, birth allowance, unmarried mother's allowance, deserted wife's allowance and other family related benefits. 
      Sickness / Invalidity benefits 
         ... regroup income maintenance benefits in case of sickness and injury, other sickness benefits and compensations for occupational accidents or diseases, and invalidity pension and other invalidity benefits. 
      Education related benefits 
         .. are scholarships or study grants. 
      Housing allowance 
         ... consists of subsidies or other payments from public schemes for housing costs. It is collected at household level and divided equally among all adult members (persons aged 16 or more) of the household. 
      Social assistance 
         ... consists of payments from the welfare office. It is collected at household level and divided equally among all adult members (persons aged 16 or more) of the household. 
      Other benefits 
         This label is used with different meanings. It has to be considered in the context of the table. If all the sub-categories of 'other social transfers' above are listed in a table, then 'other benefits' refers to a question asked in the personal questionnaire 'Did you yourself receive any other benefit'. However, if not all the sub-categories of 'other social transfers' are enumerated, then 'other benefits' regroups the sub-categories not mentioned individually.
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