Definition: Specialised establishments

Category: Tourism

This category is typified:
· as being any establishment intended for tourists, which may be non-profit making; 
· as coming under a common management;
· as providing minimum common services (not including daily bed-making); 
· as not necessarily being arranged in rooms but perhaps in dwelling-type units, camp sites or collective dormitories; 
· and as engaging in some activity besides the provision of accommodation, such as health care, social welfare, conferences or transport.
This minor group consists of establishments that, besides providing accommodation, have another specialised function. This minor group is subdivided into four unit groups: health establishments, work and holiday camps, conference centres and accommodation in collective means of transport.
Eurostat, "Methodological manual on the design and implementation of surveys on inbound tourism", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 2000, Appendix A, Classification and Glossary