Definition: Statistical unit (Demand side)

Category: Tourism

The statistical unit to be measured in tourism demand surveys carried out in homes may be:
(i) a household whose tourism participation is reported by one respondent speaking for the visits made by all members of the household, or an individual selected randomly from within a household, responding only for him/herself, or an individual identified by quota controls set by an agency responsible for the conduct of a quota sample.
In tourism demand surveys carried out at destinations or international arrival and departure transport points, it may be:
(ii) a visitor selected by a random or quota control procedure, or a travelling party, selected by a random or a quota control procedure. A travelling party is not necessarily the same as a household group.
Eurostat, "Methodological manual on the design and implementation of surveys on inbound tourism", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 2000, Appendix A, Classification and Glossary