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Definition: Statistical unit (Tourist accommodation statistics)


Because regional aspects and characteristics of the accommodation establishment itself are very important to the results of accommodation statistics, local kind-of-activity units (KAU) should be used as the basic statistical unit, e.g. the observation unit in accommodation statistics. Alternatively the local unit can be used as the basic statistical unit of tourism accommodation establishments. In some cases the enterprise and the local unit coincide, but it is quite common for one enterprise to comprise two or more establishments or facilities of the same kind (e.g. chains of hotels, motels, holiday villages) or of a different kind (combination of holiday dwellings and hotels, hotels and restaurants, etc.). This is one reason why the tourism accommodation establishments classification used for tourism statistics described on the previous pages does not have a one-to-one relationship with activity or product classifications, such as NACE Rev. 1 and CPA.
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