Definition: Surface area

Regional statistics

The different components of surface area which are under debate are the coast zones; inland lakes and other waters; glaciers; mountainous regions; other uninhabitable areas such as forests or mires. Depending on how these are classified, there may be at least 3 different surface area concepts:

1. Total area
2. Land area
3. Area suitable for human habitations 
(inhabitable area)
Eurostat, "Empfehlungen zur Festlegung eines einheitlichen Verfahrens für die Berechnung der Fläche von Gebietseinheiten - Ausgabe 1999; Recommendations for a harmonised definition of calculation of surface area of territorial units, 1999 edition; Recommandations pour une définition harmonisée du calcul de la superficie des unités territoriales - Édition 1999", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 1999, p.13

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