Definition: Total income of a household

Social statistics

Income received through any of the categories listed above. The 'personal income' of all adults (persons aged 16 or more) is aggregated.
II. Actual current income (ACI) - net monthly, year of the survey
This information is collected at household level. The list of all the income components listed above is recalled and the following question is asked:
Q028: If you add up the income from all sources, ... what is your household's total net income per month?
III. Minimum net monthly income required to make ends meet (MIR) - net monthly, year of the survey
After the question on actual current income, the following question is asked (also for the household as a whole):
Q030: In your opinion, what is the very lowest net (monthly) income that your household would have to have in order to make ends meet?
IV. Average income and Equivalisation

For each income defined in I - III above (total income of the year prior to the survey, and its components, 'ACI' and 'MIR'), values per unit (adults, households, persons - i.e. children and adults together) can be derived.
Eurostat, "European Community Household Panel (ECHP) - Selected indicators from the 1995 wave", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 1999

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