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Definition: Total number of persons employed


The focus of the survey is on Continuing, rather than Initial Vocational Training. For this reason, the survey concentrates on training that is provided for those employees who are not apprentices or trainees. Therefore, in this survey, "employees" refers to the total number of employed persons minus apprentices and trainees. All persons who are employed by the enterprise and have a formal or informal working contract should be included under the total number of employed persons. All questions should be answered in respect of these employees only. Specifically, the definition includes:
 - working owners and managers
 - casual or temporary staff
 - "roving" or off-site workers.
It excludes anyone who is working at the enterprise but whose salary does another company pay, e.g. employees of firms under contract or seconded staff.
Concepts and definitions for CVTS2, 1999 Edition, Eurostat