Definition: Usable production


The item includes: 
- agricultural production at the national holding level, 
- meat slaughtered nationally, 
- fish unloaded by ships flying the flag of the country. 
This involves the collected, sampled or produced and delivered quantities. That includes marketed production, misrepresented quantities, self-provided quantities, self-consumed quantities and losses on the farm (handling, waste, pest damage, etc.) That excludes the quantities not harvested, harvest losses (on the plot) and losses at the time of transportation from the plot to the seat of the holding.

The production under consideration is usable production, i.e. gross field crops minus crop losses. It therefore involves grain available to the farm (ready for use) whatever its future use either on the farm or on the market. This production corresponds to the concept of the 'usable production' of agricultural accounts. 

Usable production involves only grain produced from the soil of the country itself during the reference period. It consists of production harvested during the calendar year beginning the reference period, even if production occurred before the first day beginning this period.
Handbook to update supply balance sheets, - general information, concepts -, Doc. E/V/001 EN rev. 1, p.2

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