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Definition: Use categories

Living conditions

Concerning the cases where a chemical or biological agent is involved in the causes of the occupational disease, a complementary element for the anlysis is the use category. It is defined as the industrial product, the product from an animal or human origin or the infected material, which was used within the framework of the occupational activity of the victim and which contained the exposure (causal) agent. Information on use categories should be classified in accordance with the classification developped by Eurostat.
European Occupational Diseases Statistics (EODS), Phase 1 methodology - Eurostat Working Paper Population and social conditions 3/2000/E/n°XX, December 2000 & Eurostat Working Paper series, Population and social conditions 3/2000/E/n°18 - Classification of the causal agents of the occupational diseases (in all official European languages) - EODS