Definition: Workstation

Category: Living conditions

This variable identifies the usual or in contrast occasional nature of the place/post occupied by the victim at the time of the accident. It does not take into account the permanency or not of the job (see « Employment status »). It is a complementary variable (and not as a substitute) to the variable « Working environment ».

The concept of « usual workstation » should be understood in a restrictive sense, always inside the premises of the usual local unit of work : fixed workstation in a workshop, shop, office and more generally premises of the local unit of the employer.

The concept of « occasional workstation » is used in a broader sense and covers both:
Jobs for which the workstation is « mobile » (truck driver, worker in the construction, fitter, repairer, policeman, watchman, street sweeper, etc.) ;
Occasional situations for people usually working at a fixed workstation :
Occasional journey on behalf of the employer ;
Specific intervention on behalf of the employer outside the usual local unit and inside the premises of a client or another company (meeting, mission, business interview, installation or repair, etc.) ;
Temporary assignment in a fixed but different workstation or in a local unit different from the usual one, including workstations occupied during several days or weeks but which are not a definitive assignment workplace (temporary assignment as employee of an enterprise working inside the premises of another company or as person engaged by an employment agency or business, important maintenance activities at a client premises, teleworking, etc.).
European Statistics on Accidents at Work - Specifications for case by case data - Phase 3 - Reference year 2001 - adopted by the ESAW Working Group on 16/10/2000