Definition: Age-price profile

Category: OECD terminology

"Measuring Capital" Manual 2009

Index of the price of a capital good with regard to its age. The age-price profile compares identical capital goods of different age at the same point in time. Typically, the age-price profile declines with increasing age.

"Measuring Capital" Manual 2001

The age-price profile of an asset describes the change (usually the decline) in the price of an asset as it ages.

"Measuring Productivity" Manual

Age-price profile shows the loss in value of a capital good as it ages, or the pattern of relative prices for different vintages of the same (homogenous) capital good. Measuring Productivity Manual (OECD 2001)Measuring Capital Manual, Second Edition (OECD 2009)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), "Measuring Capital - OECD Manual: Measurement of Capital Stocks, Consumption of Fixed Capital and Capital Services", Annex 1: Glossary of technical terms used in the Manual, Paris, 2001