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Definition: Gross capital stock

OECD terminology

"Measuring Capital" Manual (2009)

The stock of assets surviving from past investment and re-valued at the purchasers prices of new capital goods of the current period.

"Measuring Capital" Manual (2001)

Gross capital stock is the value of all fixed assets still in use when a balance sheet is drawn up, at the actual or estimated current purchasers’ prices for new assets of the same type, irrespective of the age of the assets.

"Measuring Productivity" Manual

The cumulative flow of volume investments, corrected for retirement. In the gross stock, assets are treated as new until they are retired: it is assumed that they retain their full productive capacity until removed from the stock. Measuring Productivity Manual (OECD 2001)Measuring Capital - OECD Manual (2001)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), "Measuring Capital Manual, Second Edition", OECD, Paris, 2009