Definition: Audiovisual and related services

Balance of payments

Comprises services and associated fees related to the production of motion pictures (on film or videotape), radio and television programmes (live or on tape) and musical recordings. Included are receipts or payments for rentals; fees received by resident actors, producers etc. for productions abroad (or by non-residents for work carried out in the compiling economy); fees for distribution rights sold to the media for a limited number of showings in specified areas and access to encrypted television channels (such as cable services). Fees to actors, directors and producers involved with theatrical and musical productions, sporting events, circuses and other similar events and fees for distribution rights (for television, radio, and film) for these activities are included.
European Union, Regulation (EC) No 184/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 January 2005 on Community statistics concerning balance of payments, international trade in services and foreign direct investment (Official Journal of the European Union No L 35, 8.2.2005, p. 23 – 55)

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