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Definition: Other investment income

Balance of Payments, Eurostat

Other investment income covers interest receipts and payments on all other resident claims (assets) on and liabilities to nonresidents, respectively. This category also includes, in principle, imputed income to households from net equity in life insurance reserves and in pension funds. Interest on assets comprises interest on long- and short-term loans, on deposits, on other commercial and financial claims, and on an economy’s creditor position in the IMF. Interest on liabilities covers interest on loans, on deposits, and on other claims and interest related to the use of IMF credit and loans form the IMF. Also included is interest paid to the IMF on the Fund’s SDR holdings in the General Resources Account.
European Union, Regulation (EC) No 184/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 January 2005 on Community statistics concerning balance of payments, international trade in services and foreign direct investment (Official Journal of the European Union No L 35, 8.2.2005, p. 23 – 55)