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Definition: Change in stocks of finished products and work in progress manufactured by the unit

Structural business statistics

This variable is defined as the change in the value of the stocks of finished products or in the course of production, which have been produced by the unit and which have not yet been sold, between the first and last days of the reference period.

These products include work in progress belonging to the unit, even if the products in question are still in the possession of third parties. Equally, products held by the unit which belong to third parties are however excluded.

Stocks are valued at production cost, and are valued prior to value adjustments (such as depreciation).

Change in stocks related to production (positive or negative) can be very large, especially if the production cycle is longer than one year (ship-building, technical design, etc.). However, for many activities they are negligible or non-existent.
Definitions of SBS Regulation variables (13 21 3) and Eurostat