Definition: Changes in sector classification and structure

ESA 1995

Changes in structure of institutional units cover appearance and disappearance of certain financial assets and liabilities arising from corporate restructuring. When a corporation disappears as an independent legal entity because it is absorbed by one or more corporations, all financial assets/liabilities including shares and other equity that existed between that corporation and those that absorbed it, disappear from the system. However, the purchase of shares and other equity of a corporation as part of a merger is to be recorded as a financial transaction between the purchasing corporation and the previous owner. Replacement of existing shares by shares in the take-over or new corporation are to be recorded as redemptions of shares accompanied by the issue of new shares. Financial assets/liabilities that existed between the absorbed corporation and third parties remain unchanged and pass to the absorbing corporation(s). 

Symmetrically, when a corporation is legally split up into two or more institutional units, new financial assets and liabilities (appearance of financial assets) are recorded in Changes in sector classification and structure.
Eurostat, "European System of Accounts - ESA 1995", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 1996

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