Definition: Electronic interchange of data between administrations

Category: General concept

The Community shall act in the field of trans-European telematic networks for administrations and shall take the measures set out in this Decision with the following objectives:

(a) the achievement of a high degree of interoperability, within and across different administrative sectors and, where appropriate, with the private sector, between the telematic networks established in the Member States and between the Community and the Member States in order to support the establishment of economic and monetary union and to implement the Community policies and activities referred to in Articles 3 and 4 of the Treaty taking into account work already under way in the existing Community or Member State programmes;

(b) the convergence of such networks towards a common telematic interface between the Community and the Member States;

(c) the achievement of substantial benefits for Member State administrations and the Community by streamlining operations, reducing maintenance, speeding up implementation of new networks and enhancements, achieving an overall secure and reliable interchange of data, as well as the achievement of greater cost-efficiency, responsiveness, flexibility and adaptability to technological change and market evolution in the establishment and operation of such networks;

(d) the extension of the benefits of such networks, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, to Community industry and citizens of the European Union;

(e) the promotion of the spread of best practice and the encouragement of the development of innovative telematic solutions in administrations.
European Union, Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council 1720/1999/EC of 12 July 1999 adopting a series of actions and measures in order to ensure interoperability of and access to trans-European networks for the electronic interchange of data between administrations (IDA)