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Definition: Other subsidies on products

ESA 1995

Other subsidies on products include: 

a) subsidies on products used domestically: these consist of subsidies payable to resident producers in respect of their production which is used or consumed within the economic territory; 

b) losses of government trading organisations whose function is to buy the products of resident producers and then sell them at lower prices to residents or non-residents, when they are incurred as a matter of deliberate government economic or social policy; 

c) subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations to compensate for persistent losses which they incur on their productive activities as a result of charging prices which are lower than their average costs of production as a matter of deliberate government or European economic and social policy; 

d) direct subsidies on exports payable directly to resident producers when the goods leave the economic territory or the services are provided to non-residents – except repayments at the customs frontier of taxes on products previously paid and waiving of the taxes that would be due if the goods were to be sold or used inside the economic territory.
Eurostat, "European System of Accounts - ESA 1995", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 1996