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Definition: Other current taxes

ESA 1995

Other current taxes include: 

a) current taxes on capital which consist of taxes that are payable periodically on the ownership or use of land or buildings by owners, and current taxes on net wealth and on other assets (jewellery, other external signs of wealth); 
b) poll taxes, levied per adult or per household, independently of income or wealth; 
c) expenditure taxes, payable on the total expenditures of persons or households; 
d) payments by households for licences to own or use vehicles, boats or aircraft (which are not used for business purposes), or for licences to hunt, shoot or fish, etc.; 
e) taxes on international transactions (travel abroad, foreign remittances, foreign investments, etc.), except those payable by producers and import duties paid by households.
Eurostat, "European System of Accounts - ESA 1995", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 1996