Definition: Congress date

Category: Tourism


The congress date is the time of the year when the congress takes place (normally the week in which the congress take place).


· A congress' identification states the day the congress starts and the day it ends. From an analytical point of view, the more detailed periods of interest for study purposes are weeks, not individual days; thus which one of the 52 weeks of the year is chosen to hold the congress must be defined.

· In finding the week in which the congress takes place, there may be some conflict if the congress covers more than one calendar week (Monday to Sunday). For two-week congresses, the week with more days of congress events must be chosen. For congresses stretching out over several weeks, it is the central week that will be used.

· When a given congress needs two or more different dates during the same year, the congress should be split into various congresses. This split is the best way to simplify statistics production. In fact, a congress divided into two different dates means two congresses with two possible sites, different possible participants, different spending, etc.
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