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Definition: Continuing vocational training courses (CVT courses)


Training Courses are events designed solely for the purpose of providing training or vocational education which take place away from the place of work, i.e. in a classroom or training centre, at which a group of people receive instruction from teachers/tutors/lecturers for a period of time specified in advance by those organising the course. There are two types of courses determined by who designs and manages them: 
 a) Internally managed CVT courses. Internally managed courses are those designed and managed by the enterprise itself even though they could be held at a location away from the enterprise, e.g. in a hotel conference room.
 b) Externally managed CVT courses. Externally managed courses are those designed and managed by an organisation not part of the enterprise even if they are held in the enterprise. Training or vocational education provided by flexible or distance learning methods at a place and for a period determined by the trainee is not to be counted as a course but is a separate category for which information will be needed.
Concepts and definitions for CVTS2, 1999 Edition, Eurostat