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Definition: Owner-managers of incorporated enterprises

ILO terminology

Owner-managers of incorporated enterprises are workers who hold a job in an incorporated enterprise, in which they: (a) alone, or together with other members of their families or one or a few partners, hold controlling ownership of the enterprise; and (b) have the authority to act on its behalf as regards contracts with other organizations and the hiring and dismissal of persons in "paid employment" with the same organization, subject only to national legislation regulating such matters and the rules established by the elected or appointed board of the organization. Different users of labour market, economic and social statistics may have different views on whether these workers are best classified as in "paid employment" or as in "self-employment", because these workers receive part of their remuneration in a way similar to persons in "paid employment" while their authority in and responsibility for the enterprise corresponds more to persons in "self-employment", and in particular to employers.
International Labour Organisation (ILO), Resolution concerning the International Classification of Status in Employment (ICSE), adopted by the Fifteenth International Conference of Labour Statisticians, January 1993