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Definition: Cultural goods and services


In the nomenclature used by the household budget surveys of the different Member States, there are a (limited) number of variables directly connected to cultural expenditure. This concerns the following items:

 a) Possession of a number of durable goods:
 - possession of (number) of televisions;
 - possession of video systems;
 - possession of personal computer.

  b) Different items of the goods and services nomenclature used (the COICOP-HBS), which stand for Classification Of Individual Consumption by Purpose of Household Budget surveys:
 - audio-visual, photographic and data processing equipment and accessories, including repairs;
 - equipment for the reception, recording and reproduction of sound;
 - television sets, video-cassette players and recorders;
 - photographic and cinematographic equipment;
 - optical instruments;
 - data processing equipment;
 - recording media for pictures and sound;
 - repairs.

 c) Other major durables for recreation and culture, including repairs:
 - musical instruments;
 - repairs (culture and recreation);

 d) Cultural services:
 - cinemas, theatres, concerts;
 - museums, zoological gardens etc.;
 - television and radio taxes and hire of equipment;
 - other;

 e) Newspapers, books and stationary:
 - books;
 -newspapers and periodicals;
 - miscellaneous printed paper;
 - stationary and drawing materials.

 f) As important background variables the following can be stated:
 - principal source of household income; 
 - total household income;
 - type of household;
 - household size;
 - socio-economic domain;
 - region.
Final report of the LEG on cultural statistics in the EU, Eurostat Working Papers, 2000 Edition