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Definition: Days Lost

Social statistics

The variable days lost means the number of calendar days where the victim is unfit for work due to an accident at work. This number is provided using a 3 digit level format. When this information is only available using classes of days lost, 6 classes with codes A01 to A06 should be used. Nonetheless, the number of days lost will be considered to be in accordance with the ESAW (European Statistics on Accidents at Work) methodology, which means that only cases of accidents at work where the person is unfit for work more than three full calendar days should be included. Specific codes should be used to define permanent incapacity (997) and fatal accidents (998). In that case the days lost before the recognition of the permanent incapacity or death are not considered.
Eurostat, "European statistics on accidents at work - Methodology", 1998 Edition, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1999, p.10