Definition: Innovation activity

R & D - Oslo Manual

All developmental, financial and commercial activities undertaken by a firm that are intended to result in an innovation for the firm. They include:

• research and experimental development (R&D) activities
• engineering, design and other creative work activities
• marketing and brand equity activities
• intellectual property (IP) related activities
• employee training activities
• software development and database activities
• activities related to the acquisition or lease of tangible assets
• innovation management activities.

Innovation activities can result in an innovation, be ongoing, postponed or abandoned (Source: Oslo Manual 2018).

Innovation activities are all scientific, technological, organisational, financial and commercial steps which actually, or are intended to, lead to the implementation of innovations. Some innovation activities are themselves innovative, others are not novel activities but are necessary for the implementation of innovations. Innovation activities also include R&D that is not directly related to the development of a specific innovation (Source: Oslo Manual 2005).
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat), "Oslo Manual 2018: Guidelines for Collecting, Reporting and Using Data on Innovation", Fourth Edition, Paris, 2018

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