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Definition: Delegate or congress member



Delegates or congress members are all those participants who contribute to the main activity of the congress and have identified themselves to the organiser, stating their name in a register prepared for that purpose.


· Participating members without identification should not be considered delegates.

· Participants in specialised congresses ought to carry some form of accreditation with them, displaying their own identification and branding unauthorised participants.

· Free invitations (members invited by the organisation who do not pay enrolment fees but are registered and identified) can be considered members.

· There should be a single register with one opportunity at registration for the whole congress, not a fresh register each day. The number of participants in the congress should be confirmed in such a way that they will not be counted 2 or 3 times.

· All auxiliary services and authorised journalists should be counted separately.

· Specialised congresses should meet all the aforementioned criteria.

· In congresses open to the public, the audience cannot be identified, but at least an effort should be made to manage a receipt book or programme distribution system which can be tallied, instead of estimating the number of participants.
Eurostat, "Methodological manual for statistics on congresses and conferences", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 2000