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Definition: Dentist


The definition of "dentist" varies in the Member States. They are as follows:
 The term of dentist covers any person authorized to practise as dentist, i.e. anyone who has the qualifications required in Belgium and who has had his diploma signed by the appropriate 'Commission Médicale Provinciale' (Local Medical Committee) in the area in which he is working. Odontologists and orthodontologists are included in the number of dentists. 
 The term of dentist covers all persons qualified as a dentist with or without authorization to practise independently in the country.
 A dentist is one who practises dentistry under the title 'dentist' and is authorized to do so under a temporary Licence or permit.
 Under Greek legislation, a dental surgeon is a person who is qualified as a dentist (university degree in dentistry).  With this qualification he is authorized to practise as a dentist. Dentists, university diploma holders, enrolled in the Dentist's Association Records.
 A dentist is any qualified as odontologist-stomatologist who is registered in the professional association (Colegio de Odóntologos y Estomatólogos). Dentists in training are not included.
 The term of dentist covers dentists practising under the conditions laid down in article L. 356 of the French Public Health Code ('Code français de la Santé Publique').  According to article L. 373 of this Code, dentistry includes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth, teeth and jaws, congenital or acquired, actual or suspected, under the conditions laid down in the dental surgeons' code of practice.
 The term of dentist covers dental practitioners in dental practice involving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies and diseases of teeth, mouth, jaws and associated tissues.
 The profession of dentist, or more precisely dental surgeon, may be practised by:
  -those with a recent degree in dentistry and dental prosthetics who are qualified to practise as professionals;
  - those with a degree in medicine and surgery who are qualified to practise as professionals and are specialized in dental surgery.
 Dentists are persons authorized to practise as dental surgeons in Luxembourg by virtue of a diploma, certificate or other qualification providing evidence of training in dentistry.  Physicians specialized in stomatology are included in the number of physicians. Since 1985, "Doctor-dentists" are included in the total number of dentists.
 The term of dentist covers anyone who is authorized to practise dentistry in the Netherlands.
 The term of dentist includes those with a dental practice, stomatologists and odontologists registered with the Portuguese Association of Dentists with a Dental practice, with the College of Physicians and the Odontologists' Trade Union respectively at the time of the statistical survey regardless of whether or not they are pursuing this activity.  
 A dentist is a person with a dental qualification, who is currently holding provisional, full or temporary, registration with the General Dental Council. 
 General definition of dentist consists of specialists for dental, mouth and orthopaedic care (university study) and "dentists" with a formation which includes a professional stage and an education in an institute for dentists (diploma : examination of end study).
 General definition of dentist : registered dentist (working age up to 62 years).
 General definition of dentist: all Dental Graduates in activity, with or without dental practice, privately or in public health, dentists working abroad excluded as well as other categories.
ICELAND: all dentists in public and private practice being membership of the Icelandic association of Dentists. The Registry contains only dentists with licence. 
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