Definition: Domestic new orders and Non-domestic new orders (Indices)

Category: Short-term statistics

2006 definition

The objectives and characteristics of indices for variable 130 (new orders received) also apply to the indices for the distinction between domestic and non-domestic new orders.

The indices of domestic and non-domestic new orders received require the new orders received to be split according to the origin of the order based on the change of ownership. The origin is determined by the residency of the third party that has made the order. The domestic market is defined as third parties resident in the same economic territory (see definition of economic territory at the end of this annex) as the observation unit. Non-domestic new orders are further sub-divided into orders received from euro-zone countries (132z) and all other non-domestic new orders (132x). Regulation (EC) No 588/2001 of 26 March 2001 concerning short-term statistics
European Union, Commission Regulation (EC) No 1503/2006 of 28 September 2006 implementing and amending Council Regulation (EC) No 1165/98 concerning short-term statistics as regards definitions of variables, list of variables and frequency of data compilation