Flughafen Wien Güterabfertigung

Reference number: AT330100
Higher authority: Dienststelle OST (AT010200)
Main office: Zollamt Österreich (AT010000)

Flughafen Wien Güterabfertigung
Flughafen Wien
1300 Wien-Flughafen Austria (AT)

Phone: +43 50 233 563
Fax: +43 50 233 5963090
E-mail: Post.ZAOST@bmf.gv.at

Opening Season:
Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 07:00 - 19:00
Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 19:00

Traffic Types:
Air traffic (AIR), Road traffic (R)
Office roles:
Office of Departure (DEP), Office of Destination (DES), Office of Lodgement Entry (ENL), Office of (first or subsequent )Entry (ENT), Excise (EXC), Office of Export (EXP), Office of Exit (EXT), Customs Office of Placement (PLA), Customs Office of Discharge (DIS), Customs Office for Release for Free Circulation (RFC), Supervising Customs Office (SCO), COPIS Customs Office (IPR related) (IPR), Office of Transit (TRA), Competent Authority Country of Dep (CAU), Competent Authority of Enquiry (ENQ), Office of Guarantee (GUA), Competent Authority of Recovery (REC)

Map of Flughafen Wien Güterabfertigung - Opening hours, Contact (AT330100)