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MB Pleven

Reference number: BG004306
Main office: Tsentralno mitnichesko upravlenie (BG009999)

MB Pleven
ul. Chataldzha No 60
5800 Pleven Bulgaria (BG)

Phone: +359 64800501
Fax: +359 64801114

Opening Season:
All Year
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 12:30

Traffic Types:
  • Road traffic (R)
  • Rail traffic (V)
  • Not applicable (N/A)
Office roles:
  • Office of Departure (DEP)
  • Office of Destination (DES)
  • Office of exit - Inland (EIN)
  • Competent Authority of Enquiry (ENQ)
  • Office of Lodgement Exit (EXL)
  • Office of Export (EXP)
  • Competent Authority of Recovery (REC)
  • EORI Registration Authorities (REG)
  • Customs Office of Placement (PLA)
  • Customs Office of Discharge (DIS)
  • Customs Office for Release for Free Circulation (RFC)
  • Office of Exit (EXT)

Map of MB Pleven - Opening hours, Contact (BG004306)