Ufficio delle Dogane di CIVITAVECCHIA

Reference number: IT301100
Main office: D.I. LAZIO E ABRUZZO (ITP00010)

Ufficio delle Dogane di CIVITAVECCHIA
Via Calata Laurenti, 15
00053 Civitavecchia (Rm) Italy (IT)

Phone: 0039 076623303
Fax: 0039 0766501690
E-mail: dogane.civitavecchia@agenziadogane.it

Opening Season:
Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday: 08:00 - 14:00

Traffic Types:
Sea traffic (P), Road traffic (R), Rail traffic (V), Not applicable (N/A)
Office roles:
Office of Departure (DEP), Office of Destination (DES), Office of exit - Inland (EIN), Competent Authority of Enquiry (ENQ), Office of (first or subsequent )Entry (ENT), Excise (EXC), Office of Export (EXP), Office of Exit (EXT), Office of Guarantee (GUA), Competent Authority of Recovery (REC), EORI Registration Authorities (REG), Office of Transit (TRA)

Map of Ufficio delle Dogane di CIVITAVECCHIA - Opening hours, Contact (IT301100)