Raigardo kelio postas

Reference number: LTVK8000
Main office: Vilniaus teritorinė muitinė (LTVM0000)

Raigardo kelio postas
Gardino g.130, Jaskonių k.,
66443 Druskininkų R. Sav. Lithuania (LT)

Phone: +370 313 60586
Fax: +370 313 60587
E-mail: vk80@lrmuitine.lt

Opening Season:
visus metus
Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 00:00 - 23:59

Traffic Types:
Road traffic (R), River traffic (C)
Office roles:
Office of Departure (DEP), Office of Destination (DES), Office of (first or subsequent )Entry (ENT), Office of Lodgement Exit (EXL), Office of Exit (EXT), EORI Registration Authorities (REG)

Map of Raigardo kelio postas - Opening hours, Contact (LTVK8000)