Pomorski UCS w Gdyni

Reference number: PL328000
Main office: IAS w Gdańsku (PL320000)

Pomorski UCS w Gdyni
ul. Północna 9a
81-029 Gdynia Poland (PL)

Phone: +48 58 666 9393, 666 9087 do 88
Fax: +48 58 621 0554, 666 9336
E-mail: ic.gdynia@gdy.mofnet.gov.pl

Opening Season:
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 07:15 - 15:15

Traffic Types:
Not applicable (N/A)
Office roles:
Higher Authority (AUT), Excise (EXC), EORI Registration Authorities (REG), COPIS Customs Office (IPR related) (IPR), Customs authority responsible for granting the authorisation to establish regular shipping services (RSS)

Map of Pomorski UCS w Gdyni - Opening hours, Contact (PL328000)