PCÚ Košice Haniska - pracovisko ŠRT

Reference number: SK565301
Higher authority: Košice - Haniska (SK565300)
Main office: CÚ - KOŠICE (SK560000)

PCÚ Košice Haniska - pracovisko ŠRT
Stredisko nákl. prepravy Haniska
044 54 Haniska Pri Košiciach Slovakia (SK)

Phone: +421 55 6112257
Fax: +421 55 6735276
E-mail: cu5653@financnasprava.sk

Opening Season:
Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 00:00 - 23:59

Traffic Types:
Road traffic (R), Rail traffic (V)
Office roles:
Office of Departure (DEP), Office of Destination (DES), Office of exit - Inland (EIN), Competent Authority of Enquiry (ENQ), Excise (EXC), Office of Export (EXP), Office of Guarantee (GUA), Competent Authority of Recovery (REC), Office of Transit (TRA)

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