Pobočka colného úradu ŽILINA - NS

Reference number: SK606900
Higher authority: Colný úrad CÚ - ŽILINA (SK600000)
Main office: Colný úrad CÚ - ŽILINA (SK600000)

Pobočka colného úradu ŽILINA - NS
MOJŠ 182
010 08 Žilina Slovakia (SK)

Phone: +421 41 5072100-105
Fax: +421 41 5652070
E-mail: 6069@financnasprava.sk

Opening Season:
Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 00:00 - 23:59

Traffic Types:
Road traffic (R), Air traffic (AIR), Rail traffic (V)
Office roles:
Office of Departure (DEP), Office of Destination (DES), Office of exit - Inland (EIN), Office of Lodgement Entry (ENL), Competent Authority of Enquiry (ENQ), Office of (first or subsequent )Entry (ENT), Excise (EXC), Office of Lodgement Exit (EXL), Office of Export (EXP), Office of Exit (EXT), Competent Authority of Recovery (REC)

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