Definition: Register

Memobust Glossary

Definition 1 : Set of files (paper, electronic, or a combination) containing the assigned data elements and the associated information.

Definition 2 : Systematic collection of unit-level data organized in such a way that updating is possible. Updating is the processing of  identifiable information with the purpose of establishing, bringing up to date, correcting or extending the register, i.e. keeping track of any changes in the data describing the units and their attributes. As a rule, a register will contain information on a complete group of units, a target population (e.g. persons, buildings, firms). These units are defined by a precise set of rules (for instance resident population in a country), and the attributes are updated in line with changes undergone by the units.
Eurostat, "Memobust Glossary" (part of the Memobust Handbook on Methodology of Modern Business Statistics), ESSnet "Memobust", March 2014

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